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Stop worrying about algae, decaying debris and murky water at your dock or beach area, and start enjoying the water! Safeshore’s HydroSweep is a fully adjustable aquatic current device that mounts right to your dock. It’s exclusive motorized action reaches 50 feet – that’s 100 feet in diameter - in order to keep your waterfront, dock area, or pond clean.


HydroSweep mimics natural water movement by mirroring the movement of lakes, rivers, and streams to leave your shoreline safe and clean for the entire family. Working closely with the Department of Natural Resources, SafeShore ensures that HydroSweep remains an effective way to maintain both waterfront and wildlife health, without any risk to the natural ecosystem of our wonderful lakes.

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Shoreline Cleaning

Fully programmable, HydroSweep allows you to regulate the direction of the 1400 gallons of water (that is nearly 3 times the value of many other devices) it pumps every minute, putting you in full control of your dock area

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