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High Demand and raw material shortages continue to limit product availability. As with other dealers, we will be receiving limited product deliveries throughout the fall and winter. Planning ahead with us will help ensure you have what you need and be ready to go. To get started, contact us here or give us a call.


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Dock, Boat Lifts and Alma-Lite Fish House

Take it from us, lake life starts on the dock. It’s where you teach the kids to fish, savor your cup of coffee in the morning, laugh with friends, and load up the boat for a day of adventure.

We’re here to provide you with the highest quality docks, lifts, ice fishing houses, and deer stands — along with a variety of seasonal products and services, including dock and lift installation and repair — so you can make memories on the lake.

Owner Roger Healy, and our team of lake life enthusiasts, have years of experience getting people on the lake faster, easier, and equipped with the best. Since 1999, we’ve been serving the Duluth area, which boasts some of the most sought after lakes in the country.

Our goal is to hook you up with the best equipment, advice, and service, so when it’s time to hit the lake, the only thing you have to worry about is who is bringing the beverages.