Home Storm Salvage

Weathering the storm
So You Don’t Have To

Northern Minnesota can be an extreme place and sometimes powerful storms wreak havoc on the things we love most.

Our team is equipped and prepared for anything this climate throws at your shoreline. Dependent on the extent of damage to your dock or lift, we can simply remove the equipment, or remove and repair it. We offer free written quotes to repair or replace your storm damaged dock or boat lift.

Recovering A

Tipped Dock

This includes returning the dock to its original position or to the shoreline for inspection

Aluminum Dock Installation/Removal

  • 4’ wide dock – $6.00 per lineal foot
  • 6’ wide dock – $9 per lineal foot
  • 8’ wide dock – $12.00 per lineal foot

Recovering A

Tipped Boat Lift

This $500 service includes returning equipment to your property and setting it alongside the dock or to the shoreline for inspection.

Recovering A

Tipped Boat or Pontoon

This includes towing your boat or pontoon back to your dock or public landing and putting on your trailer for $1,000.